What’s In Haber Atolyesi?


With a warm, embracing communication approach
Doing our work with love & passion,
Always emphatizing with our clients and journalists,
transforming customer relationships into enduring business & personal relationships as a result of our sincere & honest approach to customers,
Establishing long-term relationships with strong foundations deeply rooted in mutual trust & understanding,
where our clients vouch for us and we continue to work with our old & new clients in a pleasant and joyful atmosphere.
This is what is in “Haber Atölyesi”...
We say “news” is our primary focus, but our primary focus is actually “communication”.. The essence of PR services lies here, within diligent focus on communication.. First, strong communication within the members of our agency, and then the healthy and sustainable communication we establish with our clients and journalists...
What we do is generate news for our clients, here are some of them..

Elif Özyıldırım
Haber Atölyesi Agency Director

Those who want to become news, come to Haber Atölyesi


Haber Atölyesi which has been operating since 2009 has produced hundreds of news reports to nearly 50 companies, 7 NGOs and 10 professional organizations


Haber Atölyesi, with its expertise on media communication services is structured and working like a news agency. We determine the communication strategies of the companies that we work with and determine agendas & news items for our client, and generate the respective news. These news pieces & items carefully & diligently generated then finds its place in the written, audio and visual media outlets enabled by the quality of the news that has been generated and the long term media relationships that have been cultivated by Haber Atölyesi over the years.

Our Focus


Our Process

Our process has always remained constant. First we get a detailed brief from our client. Based on this brief and our experience, we develop a detailed communication strategy specific to our client, followed by a media communication strategy. We determine the primary messages for our client. A person from within the team of our client is determined as the media spokesperson and this person is provided a media training.


Haber Atölyesi services include but are not limited to special interviews designated speficially for our client, press bulletins, editorial articles, press meetings, press trips, formal and informal press gatherings.

What Makes Us Different

We follow general and client specific agendas very closely in order to utilize the respective developments for generating news on behalf of our client. Our strategies deeply embrace a perspective / view of our client from the journalist perspective. With focus onlu on media communication, clients are services by members of our team who are experts in the areas of our clients.

Our Rock-Solid Principles

PR services yield best results when the client commits to us and the communication effort, by allocating quality time to Haber Atölyesi. Prioritizing media communication, fast and proactive approach with the members of the media, constituting one-on-one relationships with journalists for our clients and nurturing client-journalist relationships are all the critical building blocks of successful PR activity. These are also our principles which we do not compromise from to provide our client the best service possible..

Why Are Media Relationships Necessary?

What matters is what others people say about you, in addition to what you say about yourself. This is where media relationshis play a critical role.

Our tea, our constant coffee.


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